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Run! by Giovonni Gifft

RUN! is a book about a young boy named Bradley who is curious about the importance of running as an exercise. His father and a few characters along the way help him understand the critical components of running and its benefits.

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Buster and the Brain Bully by Christina Pellegrino

My name is Buster, and I’ve got a Brain Bully.
It affects my mood, and I don’t understand it fully―
like during a storm, when I get so very scared,
or―during a test―when I feel unprepared.

Read along with me as I discover how to cope,
by helping others realize that there is hope.
We all have bad days, but together we face our fears.
Brain Bullies, be gone! You’re not welcome here.

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The Tale of Lucky by Emily Martin

About Lucky
Lucky was created to be the happy character. While he is not always happy, he is a positive character to help show the optimistic side of people. He is always bringing that energy to the people he meets.

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Simon’s Sadness by Emily Martin

Simon was created to help understand sadness at every level. He is an ordinary kid who is overwhelmed by his emotions. He enjoys dancing and hanging out with friends. He has a love for music as well. He is always seeking out moments of peace and quiet.