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Kitties Don’t Eat That! Do They? by Sarah Kathleen Taber

Meet Lilly, a little girl who absolutely loves her kitty, Piper. There’s just one problem, Lilly loves her kitty so much that she wants to do everything with it, even eat with it. However, this kitty is not a live kitty she is a stuffed animal, so things are going to get messy! Will Lilly ever understand the differences between stuffed and alive kitties? Will Piper ever stay clean? Read along with your child or grandchild as Lilly takes them on a fun filled adventure with Piper as she learns what kitties can and cannot eat and even when to protect what’s hers.

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Wiggy Sphynx is a cool, pretty kitty living in the big city. She has a passion for fashion. She gets wigged out, without a doubt, but wins in the end and becomes an academy award-winning star.