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Just Imagine by Monge Lippa

Did you know you could go anywhere you want? You won’t need a plane ticket to see the most wonderful places. All you’re going to need is a little imagination and creativity. Just say a place and transform a space! Right where you are is enough to have the greatest adventures. Say goodbye to boring days at home, you’re about to have a lot of fun!

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Just Imagine by Sharon Giannini

“Just Imagine” is a fun and adventurous story about a child’s imagination and the Power of Persistence.

GRANDMA!DeMario Brown

We all know that grandparents love their grandchildren. But in most cases, the fun turns into a learning experience. With Kingsley, it's all the time. Grandma always finds a way to get on his last little nerve. Will he get to have fun like a kid should? Or will his grandma find a way to bother him yet again. Read along and find out!!