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Pop-Pop Smells Funny but We Love Him Anyway by John R Buchta

A skunk, a spicy meatball and a loaded diaper…..

In this novelty picture book, lovable Pop-Pop gets into some very stinky situations.

• What happens when Pop-Pop takes out the trash? EEK!
• Is there too much garlic in Pop-Pop’s meatballs? Oh Boy!!
• Will Pop-Pop be able to handle Baby’s diaper change? Pee-Poo!!

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Grandpa & Lewy by Jennifer Randazzo

Grandpa & Lewy is a story of hope and empowerment that addresses the physical and mental changes caused by Lewy Body Dementia. This beautifully illustrated book leads children through the journey of caring for someone with dementia in a non-frightening way while offering encouragement and guidance. The boy in the story always finds ways to love his Grandpa through all of the changes that Lewy brings. The boy misses the special things that he used to do with his grandfather, but realizes the love they share is so special that nothing can ever change it. This story is intended for children of all ages and dedicated to anyone who is faced with loving through Lewy.

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Grandad, You Can Do That!!! by Various Array

“Grandad You Can Do That!!!” is a children’s book about a young boy named Kyle who tells a story to his class about visiting his granddad during summer break. He went to visit his granddad. His granddad could do all types of things. Kyle was fascinated by the things that his grandad could do. Throughout the story The Granddad does various of tasks and Kyle watches.

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Grandpa Has My Back by Jurnee Davis

Everything kids don’t want their parents to know about when they are away at their grandparent’s home for the weekend. Join little Jurnee and her grandpa, Papa Tommie, as they spend a fun-filled, lesson learning weekend together. This book celebrates a grandfather’s and granddaughter’s heartwarming friendship. It’s a great gift for any child with an amazing grandfather.