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God Made You Wonderfully by Mistie House

From multi-award-winning author, Mistie House comes a timely and heartwarming kids Christian book that will help your little ones recognize their unique value and develop confidence and self-esteem, trusting God made you just right—on purpose, for a purpose.

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B.B.’s Prayer by Owen Amadin

Would you like your child to learn how to pray? This sweet and simple Christian prayer book from first time author, Owen Amadin, is the perfect tool . B.B.’s Prayer highlights the loving relationship between a parent and child while introducing yours to the daily habit of saying a morning prayer.

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GOD IS MY FRIEND by Daija Rivers

“GOD IS MY FRIEND” is a biblical book full of positive affirmations and different emotional expressions. Young boys will be able to relate and place themselves in the character’s place as they read. This book will help boys build self-confidence and discover positive Christian alternatives to adopt amidst different emotions.

My goal for this book is to help young boys that’s experiencing depression and low self-esteem to overcome. Young boys seeing themselves as Christ sees them is the ultimate goal. I hope this book will help them understand that God cares and God is their friend.

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Luke and Lily’s Christmas Wish by Kimberly Dendy

Luke & Lily are five year old twins who love everything about Christmas and are always excited to share the story of the birth of Christ with other children.
Over the years they have heard stories about The legend of the Guardian of the Angel Tree and had hoped that this would be the Christmas that their prayers would be answered and they would finally have an adventure all their own.

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The Wise Men Journey by Lynette Meintjes

The Wise Men Journey Searching for the King: Devotions, Prayers & Bible Stories to Discover the True Excitement of Christmas by Lynette Meintjes

The Wise Men Journey is a beautiful book that takes you on a journey where you can experience that each day is a gift of God, and in twenty-five days of the Christmas journey, you will know the true meaning of love, light, happiness, gratitude, hope, peace and much more. Each day filled with love and devotion takes you closer to God and helps you discover the hidden gems in the Word of God.

In this book, Three wise men decided to go on their journey to search for the Light, Jesus, the Son of God, and they followed a star from the east that went on before them and led them to the Light. 

Join the wise men on their exciting journey to discover true joy and excitement while searching for God.

These beautiful stories inspire children to believe in prayers and remind them that the only joy we’ll ever find in our life is the joy we find in Jesus.

This book encourages children to seek emotional healing from God to deal with their fears and everyday situations and helps children realize the true meaning of life. This charming picture book has so many teachings that make it easier for parents to teach children about God and his doing so they can understand why we have to pray every day.

Perfect for all ages.

Grab your copy from Amazon.

Visit wisemenjourney.com to order this fun and exciting treasure box.

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She is my Mom by Jyothsna Mary Raju

Most of the lines which occurred in this story really happened to me. I have put my life experience and my connection with Mother Goddess and myself in this book in a short and understandable, simple way so that you all can understand what Mother Goddess is and how she helps her children. Most of the time, I have seen people or children getting scared of the mother goddess. It’s not always the same at all times. If you consider the almighty as your own mother, she always guides and protects you as her own child. I am telling all this by my own experience. This book is my new creation where I have put my one line of spiritual experience and put it in a story form as fiction so that it’s easy to understand. I would rather tell it’s based on a true story. Teaching and working in a preschool inspired me to write this book.

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If Heaven Only Knew by Ms Cocoa

It’s the first day of second grade for little Isabella. She’s both excited and anxious! Isabella wants to have a better school year, a great teacher and good friends. Little Isabella soon finds herself disappointed; Mrs. Smith, breaks her confidence by criticizing her handwriting, friends no longer wanted to play nice, and she also finds herself being ignored by family.