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The Letter from Sweet Abundance by Molly Perry

The color is disappearing from the cartoon world of Sweet Abundance! Does that mean it will disappear? Jimmy, Lilly and Jamal receive a letter begging for their help, sending them off on another adventure. Little did they know, Eddie, a mean bully from school, followed them into Sweet Abundance. Will they be able to help? Come along and see what happens!

December 30, 2021 by Kidliomag 0 Comments

The Game by Molly Perry

It all started with The Game. Ten year old Jimmy found it in his father’s struggling Children’s Museum. Jimmy, along with his 13 year old sister Lilly and friend Jamal are sent by The Game to a most unusual land. With two unexpected traveling companions they work to try and save Isadore Benefactor and the land of Sweet Abundance from the villain John Heartless. It is a wild ride that you can’t help but enjoy! And, just like Jimmy, Lilly and Jamal, will not soon forget.