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Pancake Jake and Wally Waffle by Sharon J O’Donnell

A rare sighting of a Waffle boy sends young Pancake Jake on a quest in Breakfast Land: he wants to make friends with the Waffles who have long been the enemies of the Pancakes. With courage and kindness, Jake discovers a long-lost recipe that proves Pancakes and Waffles are actually made of the same ingredients.

The charming illustrations and playful text make for a fun read that will encourage important conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Abby dreams of food by Beatriz Fabrega

Abby is a little girl who loves food so much, she dreams about it day and night. Her mom is a chef and Abby´s favorite thing to do is to help in the kitchen. She tries and fails many times, but soon Abby learns that practice makes perfect.. and that making yummy food is possible – and fun! Its not only a storybook, its also your little one´s first cookbook! Includes Abby´s favorite easy-to-follow and beautifully illustrated recipes.