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My Daddy Is My Hero by Emma Ledden

From the best -selling author of ‘My Mammy Knows Everything’ and “All The Rainbow’s Colours”

With a wonderful rhyming story and beautiful illustrations, this is a book about the special relationship between father and child. The perfect gift for every family, whether for new Fathers, on Father’s Day, or at any time of the year.

“Every day my daddy teaches me important stuff, to ride my bike, to kick a ball, to know that I’m enough”

“My daddy is my hero, I admire him most of all, and when he’s by my side I feel a hundred feet tall!”

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The Bedtime Chronicles: Legend of the Dadman by Derek Siskin

The Bedtime Chronicles is a new children’s book series that brings a unique and innovative spin to the traditional rhyme book genre. Inspired by the creative wordplay and style of hip-hop music, the series centers on the Rimes family: parents – Stan and Pam, their kids – Benny and Mary Lou, and Benny’s stuffed animal bunny, Hip-Hop. Each tale takes place at night as Benny requests a bedtime story – and in every book, a different family member takes him on a hilarious, rhyme-filled adventure meant to capture the imagination.