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The Kingdom Of Ash And Ember by Sydnie Beaupré

sh Light, a young girl living in the tranquil city of Pointe-Claire, had always been different. Unlike her peers, she found solace in the quiet company of animals and the untamed beauty of nature, and she often skipped school to get away from it all. Little did she know that her unique connection with the world around her was but a shadow of a much larger destiny yet to come. Ash didn’t know that there were whispers in another world called Luna, about a prophecy revolving around twins who would change the fate of their realm, Helios, forever. A prophecy, of two sisters born under the light of the Winter Moon, sisters who would unite Luna and the other kingdoms of Helios, and get rid of the encroaching Waste.

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The Ogre of Itawan by Mark Kibbe, Susan Kibbe

Alex and Jessie find an old globe in the closet of Jessie’s new room. While they examine it, they are transported to a fantastic world filled with gnomes, fairies, and terrible ogres. But the way home is not easily reached. Will Alex and Jessie find their way back home? Or, will they be trapped forever in a world of fantasy and magic?

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The Mysterious Bat-Bee by C. S. Ferdinand

A family full of magical secrets. An enemy who practices the dark arts. Can Thomas and Julia defeat a fearsome foe and find an enchanted cure?

One terrible day, a strange insect with the body of a bee and the wings of a bat stings Grandpa John, who falls desperately ill. Grandma Rini enlists the help of her witch sister Magda.