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My Daddy Is My Hero by Emma Ledden

From the best -selling author of ‘My Mammy Knows Everything’ and “All The Rainbow’s Colours”

With a wonderful rhyming story and beautiful illustrations, this is a book about the special relationship between father and child. The perfect gift for every family, whether for new Fathers, on Father’s Day, or at any time of the year.

“Every day my daddy teaches me important stuff, to ride my bike, to kick a ball, to know that I’m enough”

“My daddy is my hero, I admire him most of all, and when he’s by my side I feel a hundred feet tall!”

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Daddy, Can You Bring Me the Moon? by Justin Vaughn

Daddy, Can You Bring Me the Moon? by Justin Vaughn, a 30-page children’s picture book, is a short story of a father and a daughter who share a slice of nighttime together on a beach. The story shifts focus when the daughter asks her father if he could bring her the moon. She is in awe of it and wishes it could be a lot closer.

Hello World!Free Kindle Days! 15th to 19th June

Come! Watch your little ones learn how to say "Hello" in eleven different languages from around the world. This illustrated educational book celebrates children from eleven multicultural countries and is a great introduction to the joy of language in early childhood.