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Blue Is the Only Color in the Rainbow by Deanna Hart

Jasmine loves the color blue. She only plays with blue toys, only wears blue clothes, and only eats blue food. When she gets a red monkey named Mango for her birthday, she refuses to play with him because he isn’t blue. But then Mango takes her to Prisma, a beautiful and colorful place, showing her just how wonderful all the colors of the rainbow can be.

Using the colors of the rainbow, especially with the color blue, teaches children about the value of diversity and accepting the world around them.

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A Colorful Beginning by Raven Howell

Children will relate to first-day-of-school jitters as animal students prepare and set off for Mr. Mole’s colorful classroom. Anxiety builds as everyone settles into school to meet one another and tackle their first lesson-learning colors!

Young students come to recognize that just as colors are distinct and beautiful in their own way, they are safe to embrace their own uniqueness, too. The day is spent sharing and blending paints while forging happy friendships.

Gently tapping into themes of fitting in, self-esteem and anxiety while teaching color concepts, the story helps conquer the insecurities felt when children begin something new and unknown.