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Ruby Rockpool & The Garbage Patch King by Mermaid Hannah Pearl

Ruby Rockpool, marine warrior mermaid is on a mission to help save our oceans and protect marine life.

Join Ruby and her friends as they travel across the oceans on a quest to defeat the Garbage Patch King whose plastic pollution is big trouble for our blue planet. Can Ruby quash the rubbish overlord? Look out for ‘shell facts’ along the way about our mermazing marine life. Together we can all make small changes to have big positive impact for our planet.

£2 from every book sold is donated to Marine Conservation Society UK and Sea Shepherd UK.

Find out more about Ruby Rockpool and this exciting series of children’s stories, written by Mermaid Hannah Pearl to inspire future generations of ocean protectors.

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A Little Bird Holiday by Loni Hoots

Piles of snow have taken over Little Bird’s town, and while it is chilly he doesn’t let it get him down. Instead during this holiday season Little Bird and his friends have taken it upon themselves to make the most of it. Building a snow castle, having snow fights, and even making new friends are the adventures Little Bird will have in this fairytale-like holiday special.