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Piper and the Acorns By Ana Cybela

Piper’s family is always busy. Her mom and big sister, Susie, never have time to play with her. When Piper stumbles upon a group of friendly squirrels in her attic, she finally feels like she has found someone to play with! Soon though, mom finds out about Piper’s squirrel friends and learns an important lesson. she must remember to slow down and be present with each of her children.

March 12, 2021 by Kidliomag 0 Comments

Susie and the Dandelions By Ana Cybela

Susie’s parents are divorced. She can’t understand why they don’t all live in the same house anymore, and she gets tired of traveling between two homes all the time. What’s more, Susie loves dandelions, and she doesn’t know why her dad doesn’t like having them in his lawn.

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