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The ABCs of the African Diaspora by Shavest Margarita

In the ABCs of the African Diaspora learn about the history and cultural movers who have shaped the world we live in today. From letter A – Z journey through the alphabet and discover the many things that make the African Diaspora so special. Read about the world’s fastest man – Usain Bolt, or great American Civil and voting rights activist – Fannie Lou Hamer. Get to know the Xhosa people of South Africa and the world’s richest man to ever live – Mansa Musa. An instant story time and family favorite, the ABCs of the African Diaspora brings together the gift of history, culture, and family. You and your loved ones will be inspired by the past and present heroes and sheroes of the African Diaspora.

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The Missing Things by Kimi Hall

An evocative portrayal of the many common obstacles poverty-stricken families face in Africa. From the kidnapping of schoolgirls to the loss of family members due to the fatal illness of the aids epidemic. This story is told through the eyes of a child in a simple and non-confronting manner and gently offers an opportunity to converse with your child about some of the many problems other children face in the world.

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Queen Cara and the Kingdom of Jama’a by Dorsey Spencer Jr

After being given a special necklace, Cara soon learns that it has the power to take her to magical worlds, but in the midst of wonder and awe, lies challenge and danger. Her first journey takes her to the beautiful Kingdom of Jama’a but something terrible awaits her, the Omiran – a cruel creature made of stone and malice. Cara must do everything she can to defeat the monster and protect the kingdom.