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Heeeyy Dandelion by Dawn Charleston-Green

Heeeyy Dandelion is a colorfully illustrated children’s book that gently addresses childhood self-esteem, honesty, and family-belonging.

In the story, young Ana struggles with who is and her place in her family after being adopted. Her adoptive mother shares with her the attributes and life cycle of a dandelion. Though beautiful as a flower, it is often considered a weed because it blooms in unwanted or unexpected places. Though often unappreciated, Ana’s mother details just how unique and valuable the dandelion truly is to the environment; and further explains that the dandelion doesn’t need perfect conditions to grow…but rather, just a crack of possibility for its roots to be established. From there, the dandelion has everything it needs to be successful. Similarly, that is what Ana’s family desires for her.

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The Gift of You by Kathy Parker

The Gift Of You is a poetic journey that shows adopted and all children how loved they are by their parents.