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ABC’s of Kindergarten by Latoshia Martin

Are you ready for the first day of kindergarten?

There is so much to see and do! Where do I go? What will I do? ABC’s of Kindergarten is a fun, colorful, rhyming alphabet book that helps young children prepare for the first day of school. Follow along with Mrs. Dune and her kindergarten class as they explore the school and learn new skills that will aid with learning.

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ABCs Under the Big Blue Sea by Sabrina Makhamreh

This book is a well-structured alphabet book that can take your little reader on a swim in the sea to practice their ABCs and learn about a variety of sea creatures that live in the water! A series of colorful images will memorize your child and embrace the beauty of true creatures of the sea! Naya, and a diverse cast of mermaids, all take a field trip with their teacher at the Big Blue Academy to take a visual lesson to master their ABCs! The topics included in the book include- ABCs, sea creatures, and mermaids.

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The Notorious A.B.C. by Benjamin Darling

The Notorious A.B.C. (Music Legends and Learning for Kids) by Benjamin Darling

For all music loving parents, The Notorious ABC is the perfect way to share with your kids the music of your childhood. From the artist, to the music and the culture. Every page honors a different hip-hop artist, from Run DMC to Salt n’ Pepa and The Sugarhill Gang.  

The Notorious ABC is a twist on traditional ABC books that highlights and celebrates the 80s and 90s rap music by featuring an artist and rap-themed words alongside some basic words such as apple, cat, and dog. So this book works as a perfect introduction to these musical legends for your children.

This beautifully illustrated musical ABC book is the celebration of 80s and 90s rap and hip-hop music that is sure to fascinate beginning readers and rappers to learn their melodic vocabularies such as Boombox, Guitar, drum machine, and microphone.

This fun and educational board book gives children an opportunity to be introduced to a new musical world, expand their vocabulary and potentially create opportunities to connect with the ’90s music and rap culture.

Perfect for 0+

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Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles ABC by Terance Shipman

Great for early readers and English language learners, “Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles: ABC”, is a delightful presentation fo the alphabet. Your child will enjoy the pictures and the learning