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Charlie Bubbles, Search For Santa! by Paul Carafotes

Charlie and his pet dog Zena live in Southern California and in this story something strange is happening – it is snowing! Charlie is confused and discusses his thoughts with his Dad, even approaching
the question of whether Santa Claus is real. With kind supportive words his Dad reassures Charlie, “you have to believe to receive.” His courage and his pursuit of the truth will be tested.

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Wubbity the Wubb by J. Sandhu

Wubbity is a wubb. What is a wubb? They are are little furry creatures that love to say funny things!

In the first book of the Wubbity series, join Wubbity as she gets her wubby self ready for wubby bed in this silly, rhyming book.

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Nina Don’t Like To Do Anything New by Vincent Watson

This lyrical tale takes you into the life of a young girl named Nina who only likes to do things she’s familiar with. To expose her to new things her parents takes her on multiple adventures, so she can experience new things. Nina enjoys all the things her parents show her and falls in love with doing new things. So read to find out if it remains true, that Nina don’t like to do anything new.

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Bandit Finds a Home by J.A. Hall

Come along with me and follow the adventures of Bandit, a speckled little puppy from the big city. Hold your breath as Bandit tumbles out of Uncle Bill’s truck and is almost eaten by a coyote! Be there when Bandit arrives at Little Meadow Farm, his forever home. Meet the old farm dog, Ruby, who teaches Bandit the ways of a country dog. Enjoy the adventure in this first book in a series that will follow Bandit as he grows and learns from many endearing characters.

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Obtaining Immeasurable Peace by Mallori Conedy

Are you looking for a confidence-boosting book for a teen girl? Well, look no further! This guided journal for teens is for you!
Obtaining Immeasurable Peace is a guided journal, accompanied by poems, designed to empower and boost
self-confidence for black teen girls.

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Snack Time for Parker the Pup by Sabrina Lee

Yum, yum!
Parker the pup loves to eat!
But what foods can help keep him healthy?
Join Parker and his humans on their quest to find out what Parker can eat!

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Monsters on Mill Street Book Series by Sarah Sparks

The Monsters on Mill Street series is specifically designed to assist children in developing executive functioning and social-emotional learning (SEL) skills. With lively illustrations and playful rhymes, each story follows an energetic and lovable monster on an adventure filled with chaos and unexpected challenges — all while learning valuable lessons along the way.

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How I Become a Kittycorn at Night by JURGEN PRESS

How I Become a Kittycorn at Night is not your typical book. It is a delightful and interactive experience filled with laughter, learning about cats, coloring, writing, and creating magical dreams before bedtime, all while snuggling with parents. This unique book promises to be an unforgettable gift, cherished forever.

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In For a Penny by Mr Willment

One average kid. One rare coin. One dangerous criminal. An exciting crime and detective story for children aged 8-12 inspired by the experiences of a primary school teacher.

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Up Close: A Sports Adventure by Theresa Lynn

A young boy looks through his binoculars when suddenly his focus launches him into a stadium, where the adventure begins. He explores the sports of baseball, hockey, football, soccer, and basketball. As his imagination discovers the fun of sports, he realizes that he wants to play them all.