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The Lighthouse Cats of Mazatlán by Carolyn Watson-Dubisch

Ana and Luna hike the lighthouse trail each day to visit and take care of their friends, the cats that are abandoned there. Their favorite is a little white cat named Wednesday. One day when a big storm rolls in from the ocean and the whole city shuts down, but what about Wednesday! Where are the Lighthouse Cats? Did they survive the storm?

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Mom, There’s a Rooster in the House by Dr. Phyllis Donatto

Ronald and his mother feel happy to have their new puppy named Jaxx. One morning, like every other morning, Ronald takes the puppy out for a walk and this soon becomes a morning like no other when a rooster chases the puppy inside the house.

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My Sister Maddie by Kelly Branco

Meet Maddie, the coolest six-year-old superhero you’ll ever know! Maddie has something special called neurodiversity, which gives her amazing powers like super hearing and super sight. But the best part? She sees the world in her own awesome way!

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Lou the Big Horned Rhino by Papa Moose

From Papa Moose, the author of Bucky the Sweet Toothed Beaver, comes this delightful tale of a mighty rhino who has to learn to lead with his heart. With its stunning illustrations and lively rhyme, Lou the Big Horned Rhino is sure to delight children, parents and teachers alike.

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Everyday Mindful Mantras for Minis by Erin Marrazzo

In recent years, children have become more isolated and withdrawn. Many children are struggling with big feelings like anxiety, fear, and anger. In this busy, quick-paced world that we live in, it is crucial to teach kids tools to be more mindful and help them regulate their emotions.

Mantras are a powerful mindfulness tool for children. This book gives children the mantras they need to believe in themselves and cope with the challenges they face in their lives. Using these mantras can empower kids to shape their own emotional health and create a positive future.

Everyday Mindful Mantras for Minis includes various topics and illustrations depicting the topic with several mantras that children can repeat to empower themselves and cope with difficulties.

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If Shapes Could Talk by Rella B.

“Introducing ‘If Shapes Could Talk’ – a charming children’s book by Rella B. Join young readers on a delightful journey into the world of shapes and families. In this heartwarming tale, Rhombus learns the importance of family, love, and gratitude. With engaging storytelling and colorful illustrations, this book teaches kids about acceptance and the joy of being unique. Order now to share this valuable lesson with your child and celebrate the beauty of love and diversity in families!”

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Mama, I Got a Dollar! by Rella B

“Discover ‘Mama, I Got A Dollar!’ – a fun children’s book by Rella B. Join the adventure of learning valuable money lessons from family members. With delightful storytelling and playful illustrations, it’s a must-have for teaching financial basics to kids in an enjoyable way. Get ready for a delightful journey into the world of money!”

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Dr.Santa & The Miracle Makers by Mila Olumogba

On a cold December day, a baby boy named Yooku falls very sick. He is rushed to the hospital by his mom and dad. As soon as he arrives at the hospital, he is taken in to see the doctor. It is obvious from his first examination that he would be admitted to the hospital. With hope slowly fading, his parents decide to call Santa to help the understaffed hospital. Santa answers their call right away (as he does for all true believers) and happily agrees to help. Whenever Santa gets a call about a sick child at Christmas, he turns into Dr. Santa and gathers his elite Christmas team.

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Princess Wigglebottom and the Forgotten Christmas by Tia Martina

After rising early on Christmas morning, Princess Wigglebottom fears she has been forgotten as she makes a mess of the presents under the tree. After sniffing various boxes and engaging in a little mischief, we are all reminded that the most important present on any holiday is the gift of family and love.

Written by Tia Martina and illustrated by Patrick Laurent, Princess Wigglebottom and the Forgotten Christmas is the first book of an ongoing series in which we are introduced to a family’s beloved golden retriever, Princess Wigglebottom.

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Finding Mummy’s Glow by Mandy Woolf

Mummy’s glow wraps Noah in sunshine. But when Mummy is diagnosed with cancer, her bright light fades away. Determined to bring back Mummy’s glow, Noah goes on a hunt to find things that will make her feel better – and discovers something unexpected about the power of love.