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A Note to My Black Daughter… by Toya L. Adams-Driscal MEd.

A Note to My Black Daughter… is a positive, encouraging and inspiring note to our Black Daughters from their Moms. Being blessed to be chosen as the Mother of a Black Girl is an amazing feeling because Black Women are as magical as unicorns! It is extremely important to encourage our Daughters because the Black Woman has always been the least protected person in society. With that being said, it is important and very necessary that in a world that mistreats, abuses and tries to destroy them at every turn, they are able to find some confidence, support, solace and peace; what better way to offer them that then by sharing a note specifically addressed to them from the Woman who loves them the most?

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A Note to My Black Son… by Toya L. Adams-Driscal MEd.

In these times, it is important that we are able to find encouragement, positivity and inspiration any place that we can. A Note to My Black Son… is a positive, encouraging and inspiring note to our Black Sons from their Moms. As I’m sure you are already aware, the relationship between a Mother and her Son is a very close and unique bond that is unparalleled with any other relationship that you will experience.

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The Mini Adventures of Danny and the Deployer by Juanda Bryant

In this book, Danny finds out that Dad is being deployed and may be gone for a while. Dad gives Danny a special toy before he leaves. It is a Deployer! With the Deployer, Danny can go on mini adventures to help him understand what Dad does in the military. Let’s see what adventures these two get into in The Mini Adventures of Danny and the Deployer

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Operation Care Package by Juanda Bryant

The sequel to the first Adventures of Danny and the Deployer book, in this new book “Operation Care Package,” Dad is now deployed and another adventure begins.

Danny and the Deployer have to put together a care package. What is in the care package? Why is it classified?

Meet Danny’s new friends and join in with them on this adventure!

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Pamplemousse by K Monahan

Pamplemousse loves to surf!

When entering the big surfing contest turns out to be harder than he thought, Pamplemousse must find a new way to keep doing what he loves.

Pamplemousse is a tale about a surf-loving goat whose emotional journey shows children what it means to persevere and stay true to yourself.

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Weeping & Willow: Stand Up to Bullies by Kristie Mae Sawatzky

Willow has a beautiful backyard she loves to play in. There are tall oak trees, fruit trees, lilac trees and one special tree that is different from all the rest. One day, Willow hears something strange coming from her backyard. It’s the sound of someone crying! What happens next will teach Willow a powerful lesson about how words can hurt, and how important it is to see the beauty in being different. It’s a lesson she’ll take with her when she goes to school and faces bullies on the playground. In a lovely pairing of poetry and prose, Weeping & Willow: Stand up to Bullies gently empowers children to believe in themselves in the face of bullies.

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Imagine Life Without African-American Inventors Charron Monaye

Imagine Life Without African American Inventors is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about inventions that has become the fabric of our everyday lives. Children will learn that some things that we may take for granted – from the components in a cell phone, streetlights, mailbox, hairbrush, potato chips, ironing board to the home security system – were created by African American men and women. As Michelle and Mr. Kentrell’s class learn about these inventors, they are asked to image life without African Americans.

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Michelle Goes To Congress by Charron Monaye

Michelle is excited to visit the U.S. Capitol with her class! The students are fascinated by Congress and how it works. Not only are they eager to learn more about the House, Senate and their functions, but excited to show off what they’ve already learned. Will the class impress their teacher – Mr. Cauley, and their tour guide with their knowledge, and what other exciting facts will they learn about our democracy?

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Your Best Kid in 21 Days by Carolyn Jarecki M.A.

What can we do when our child is hurting? Nothing in the world matters as much as helping them work through a problem or develop skills to navigate this stressful world. Your support is invaluable, and you may be the only person who can help. That is so much to deal with on your own. The uplifting coaching exercises and concepts of this book can help immediately. Covering just a bit each day for the next three weeks, you and your child will work together to help them develop resilience and achieve meaningful goals.

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Chocolate Milk With A Side of Beauty by Tiffany Cash-Harris

Chocolate Milk With A Side of Beauty is a book that encourages confidence, affirms, and teaches little girls to love the shade of their black skin. In this book, little girls will be reminded that black comes in many beautiful shades, and they’re beautiful no matter the hue. This book is a must-read for your little queens