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Love You Always, Gray Elephant by Patricia Maiorano

Have you ever grown an attachment to something? Have you ever had a hard time letting go? Come join Danny on his journey through LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, and some growing pains. Danny has a rough time starting school.

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Girls Can Be Engineers by Jamila H Lindo

The book stars a young girl named Hannah who is in search of a career for her school’s upcoming Career Day. Each time she chooses a career, she becomes discouraged because her chosen careers seem to be only for boys. With the help of her mother, a structural engineer, she learns she can do anything despite her gender.

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Just Imagine by Sharon Giannini

“Just Imagine” is a fun and adventurous story about a child’s imagination and the Power of Persistence.

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Sally the Signing Squirrel by Kristy O’Connell

Sally the Squirrel is just like other children her age. She collects nuts, build nests with her family, and goes to school. One thing that makes her special, however, is that she is Deaf.

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Princess Podockee and the land of Ting By P.W. Doodle

Princess Podockee is not as you would imagine a normal princess to be Oh you know, the ones that live in castles or the ones that await in a sleeping slumber for their long-lost prince to arrive Or the ones that are just born into a life most of us could never comprehend. No, no our princess is the real deal.

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The ‘F Word’ By Paris Chanel

This book is simply about a boy who learns an important lesson on the power of words. Relax…

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My Black Is Beautiful by Joi L. Johnson

Believing and knowing that your skin color is beautiful is important for the younger generation to know. Kindergarten through second grade readers will read this book and understand that being black IS beautiful.

May 8, 2021 by Kidliomag 1 Comment

Hogs are Smarter than Dogs: & Other Fun Farm Facts By Kalie Lyn

Did you know that cows are curious, chickens are very vocal, sheep have great memories, and of course pigs are smarter than our most common house pet! In Hogs are Smarter than Dogs,

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It’s All about me During the Quarantine By Taneka Ferrell

It’s all about me during the Quarantine is a book filled with excitement for any age group. It will show our children that it’s never too early to discover your talents and passion. Come on and share your dreams with the World!

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Adrian and the washing machine By Gabriela Charatsari

An exceptionally talented little boy called Adrian receives an unusual gift from a stranger.