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Diva Magic by Nancy Franklin-Wright

Diva Magic is a beautifully illustrated book for girls ages 4-8 that will help to inspire your amazing little girl to improve self-esteem and learn self-awareness. She will be empowered to become more confident in her abilities, while accomplishing her personal goals, even if she is a little bit shy, has self-doubt, or has difficulty making friends in school.

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The Adventures of Larry Long Ears by Michael Martinez

Long before he becomes the Easter Bunny, Larry McHare is just a young rabbit. Larry is no ordinary bunny, though. He’s got big ears, big imagination, and big courage.

Larry lives in Friendship Forest, but not everyone there is…well, friendly! All the bullies in the forest call Larry names, but Larry never lets that ruin his day.

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All Dogs Don’t Bite by Marie Hernandez

JT is an 8-year-old boy who loves every dog he’s ever met. But one day, JT meets a dog who doesn’t love him back. After a scary experience leaves JT sad and afraid, he finds the courage to overcome his fears with the help and love of a gentle puppy named Maggie. This story shows what’s possible when friends and family help each other, and the pride you can feel in yourself when you pay it forward.

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The Adventure Train: The First Safari Adventure by Tammy Lee

Luke and his Dad go for rides on their magical adventure train.
Today they go on an African Safari and meet Mr Vulture. Mr Vulture is the jungle’s long-standing bully.

Luke decides to stand up to him to protect all the animals and teaches him that being a bully is unkind. Learn how Luke helps Mr Vulture to make friends and show kindness.

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The Adventures of Super Alert Dog by Gail Morin

Super Alert dog magically appears when there is cyber bulling, as well as any online dangers and stranger danger. Super Alert dog saves the day on different adventures. He also wears a cape. He is a superhero dog when he gets alerted on his super alert tablet. When a child is in danger, or experiences cyber bullying, or any online danger, Super Alert dog magically shows up to save the day and to teach good moral lessons. He offers advice on sharing, getting along, and spreading joy and peace. He teaches children about using manners too. As he becomes friends with the children, he has many different adventures. Super Alert dog is so fun to watch and to learn from.

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Amira’s Princess Dress By Erica Asare

This captivating story follows Ms. Thompson, as she tells her students to prepare for a fancy-dress day tomorrow at school. The children are so excited although some are unsure of what to wear. Little Amira rushes to school the following morning and forgets her princess dress, leaving it at home. Even though her kind teacher and friends want to help her by making her a crown and wand from shiny gold paper, it is not the same as wearing her princess dress. Is there any chance of her dress getting to the school in time? Will Amira be a princess? Read this enchanting story to discover what happens.

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Twin Tales: Alike and Different by Brielle Dupervil Nadia Dupervil

Imagine having someone that is just like you in the world. Or what if they were not just like you, but everyone thought they were? Twin sisters Alexia and Denise might look alike on the outside, but they are very different on the inside. Join the sisters as they reveal what makes them unique. An enduring story of siblings who share a strong bond that parents will appreciate and children will love.

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Boo Who? by Teressa Hill

A magical adventure awaits young readers in, “Boo Who?,” when a precocious girl named Gracie, her dog, Sniggles, and their friends; Bob, a crotchety crow; Lucy, an eccentric cat; and an anxiety-filled squirrel named Ziggy, befriend a fearful little ghost, Boo Montague, at the Hocus Pocus Pumpkin Patch. Boo was shunned by the other ghosts because he’s cheerful, not spiteful and frightful. Gracie invites Boo to join them for Halloween.

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Theo’s Heart by Amy Kwong

One day, Emily loses her beloved toy penguin, Theo. What she doesn’t know is that Theo has a very special gift. Emily’s penguin takes her on a little adventure where she discovers the joy of being kind.

Inspired by a true family story, this heartwarming story will invite young readers to think about perspective taking and empathy when confronted with big emotions. This picture book contains hand-drawn watercolor illustrations and is recommended for children ages three and above.

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Dalilah & Dexter Journey Through Japan by LaBrittini Mone’t

Twins Dalilah and Dexter love playing games, reading colorful books, sharing toys with one another but most of all, using their imaginations to explore different places around the world.