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Meet Our Fabulous Author Lindsay Ann Fink

I am a mother to three little turkeys ages 5yrs, 3yrs and 1.5yrs. We have lots of fun reading books and doing art projects and generally playing outside. We live in the Cayman Islands with our dog Breezy.

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KidlioMag November Edition

We are a kids literary magazine all about children books , authors and stories by aspiring authors too. There are so many interesting fun and educational activities for children too .

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Best In Me By Nataile McDonald Perkins

I really want to admire the author who wants to convey an important message through her book . This book teaches us about diversity and tells us about everyone being unique in themselves no matter how their skin looks or language they speak .  We should love and appreciate each other because everyone is  unique .   Best In Me is an incredible story about a teacher Mrs Patterson who created a group for students who are bullied at school and gave them an assignment to write a poem that describes what makes you special and unique using I statements . All poems are really very amazing and inspiring too and we can learn a lot through this book . Cover of the book is also very amazing and gives us a message of diversity and inclusion and Illustrations are  very vibrant and colorful too.

This book is just perfect for kids as well as adults too. This book includes tips to help children learn about “I” statements for self worth .This book gives us a message of self love , self acceptance, inclusion and difference .   I’M sure after reading this book children will fall in love with themselves and   start admiring their friends too.I recommend this book to all children so that they can understand the beauty of different cultures and styles .  Perfect for 3+

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B is for Breathe: The ABCs of Coping with Fussy and Frustrating Feelings By Dr. Melissa Munro Boyd

B is for Breathe is a cute and amazing children’s book in A to Z alphabetical order. This is a wonderful concept to teach children about alphabets and various activities . I think this is the most amazing alphabet book ever which teaches children about expressing their feelings and some simple activities like H for Hug , K for kick ,R for read ,W for write, Y for yoga and a lot more .