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Learning Money Mike’s Gamestation by Barbara Marie Hinyard

Learning money is a financial literacy book that teaches children about money.

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Wisdom Brings: Saving Money by Isaiah Carter

Some were born into families that didn’t have much and decided to be that shift for their family and friends. This is a story about a young girl teaching her friend how to save money, the value to save, and to have the freedom he wants in order to buy the things he likes and enjoys.

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Mike’s Gamestation by Barbara Marie Hinyard

Mike wants a Gamestation 5 and his parents teaches him how to earn his own money and having a responsibility and learning how to save. Mike does chores around the house cut his neighbors grass.

GRANDMA!DeMario Brown

We all know that grandparents love their grandchildren. But in most cases, the fun turns into a learning experience. With Kingsley, it's all the time. Grandma always finds a way to get on his last little nerve. Will he get to have fun like a kid should? Or will his grandma find a way to bother him yet again. Read along and find out!!