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Ava’s Magic Spray by Cedrick Hair PharmD

Ava is a energetic young girl with a beautiful imagination. She loves to run, dance, and go to town with her mom. What makes Ava different than most kids is she has this really cool “magic spray” that helps her breathe. One day, she dances around her living room to the point she can’t breathe. Her mom comes to her rescue. Before long, she is back to her cheerful self. Follow Ava as she takes a trip to her local pharmacy to meet the pharmacist that makes her “magic spray”.

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Dandelion Medicine by Alyson Maier

Did you know that regular plants, commonly called ‘weeds’ can be good for you, or that you could eat them? Join Sammy and his grandad as they explore the benefits of their natural surroundings, and see if you can identify some of these treasures in your own environment today!

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Plantain Medicine by Alyson Maier

Join Sammy in yet another delightful adventure.

Sammy learns which herbs or plants growing around him are useful in times of need. His friend, Sophie, has been stung on the foot by a Bee, and she needs something to stop the intensity of the sting.
Luckily, Sammy and his mum know exactly how to help her!

This charming sequel to “Dandelion Medicine” teaches us how Plantain can help soothe irritation and inflammation after a bee sting.
Get the entire series to help your children learn the importance of how nature can help in times of need.