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Kirabo and the Obeahman’s Sketchpad by T.G. Maye

A Black, poverty-stricken family of three dwells in a cabin on their farm in rural Hanover. Kirabo is barely three-years-old, when his father, Jomo, leaves to find work and doesn’t return. So his mother, Zuri, has to raise him on her own.
Amidst the duo’s struggles, Kirabo suffers a life-changing injury. Zuri sacrifices her possessions to help him, but misfortune thwarts her efforts at every turn.
Obeahman Ahriman, who lives nearby, knows the family’s plight. After stealing an ancient and powerful device, he devises a plan to trick Kirabo into helping him attain his evil goals.
But Kirabo uses his wits and his mother’s guidance to unravel the charlatan’s scheme.
However, to set things right again will require something mightier than any enchantment, his mother’s unconditional love.

Told in the traditional folktale style and incorporating elements from Jamaica’s rich cultural heritage, this touching story of courage, selflessness, kind-heartedness and forgiveness will resonate with young readers everywhere.
For adults, especially those from minority ethnicities and backgrounds, the pages of this unforgettable tale will be akin to a recollection of your own lives.