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Sadie Sasquatch Goes to School by C. James Sweeney

Have you ever seen a Sasquatch go to school? Well, Sadie is a Sasquatch, and she is so excited to start her first day of school. But, she will quickly learn that the way Sasquatches behave in the wild may not always be appropriate for the classroom!

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Zion the Magnificent and the Frightful First Day of School by Imeisha Williams

This tale takes you on a mystical journey of overcoming fear while meeting new magical friends along
the way. When kindergartner, Adam, is too afraid of going to school for the first time, the magic within
him takes him to a whimsical land, Peach Tree Falls, where he meets a tiny fairy wizard, Zion the
Magnificent. The pair quickly become best friends. While gliding through the blue skies of Peach Tree
Falls, Zion reassures Adam that it’s ok to be afraid sometimes. After an eventful tour of the land, Adam is
ready to return home to his twin sister Abigail and his parents. Adam conquered his frightful first day of
school by his sister’s side and learned a valuable lesson of self-confidence with a touch of magic.