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Fearless: The Amazing Boy with Special Abilities by Carmella Alexander

Fearless is a childrens book that celebrates the strength and positive imagination that is limitless despite disabilities. This book empowers disabled ones to feel represented in a way that makes them feel included! No matter our limitations, we all can be fearless!

May 12, 2022 by Kidliomag 0 Comments

Bump Under the Rug by Danielle Lynch Nicholson

Kelsey hears a strange sound in her bedroom and discovers a bump under the rug. She tries to fall asleep, but her imagination runs wild. What could be hiding underneath that rug? Can Kelsey face her fears and solve the mystery?

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I’m Not Afraid by Raya

Shelly is a ten-year-old girl who likes to go about her daily activities with her favorite red ball. She is happy, excited, and eager to start her day. How will Shelly handle losing her favorite red ball in the dreadful basement?