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Bubble Trouble (Oinkers and Bananas Book 2) by Chandra Lockett

Bubble Trouble is the second book in the Bananas and Oinkers series. In this exciting story, we learn about the wisdom of following instructions.

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Bubbles by Sarah Vizzard

Inside of me and inside of you, there is something amazing we all can do!
Meet Anibabs, the girl who lives next door. She discovers that she has an amazing hidden talent.
Find out what she can do in this whimsical, funny, rhyming story while reinforcing colours, animals, vehicles and shapes too!
Anibabs’ talent is rather unique, but so are we. This story offers a chance to share the amazing things we can do and help set goals for other things we would like to achieve, from putting on our own shoes to reading a new word – every small step is a ‘talent’ which should be celebrated! So, what amazing things have you done today?