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Meet Our Fabulous Author Edie Higby

Edie Higby is the owner and creator of “The Tooth Fairy Company” and author of; “10 Tips From
The Tooth Fairy”. She is an entrepreneur, published children’s book author and inspirational
public speaker. She received her B.A. degree from Whitworth University. She has over 20 years
of experience in early childhood education, specializing in child development and family service.
She is very passionate about her role in public health service. She BELIEVES the magical
message of the “Tooth Fairy” is far more than just about brushing your teeth.

February 27, 2024 by Kidliomag 0 Comments

10 Tips From The Tooth Fairy by The Tooth Fairy( Edie Higby)

The Tooth Fairy is a longtime family favorite tradition and is a magical part of childhood. When that 1st tooth comes loose, this is the book to have in hand!

10 Tips From The Tooth Fairy is a creative way to teach kids about how to take care of their smiles, encourage good oral hygiene habits, and encourage them to believe in someone magical!

We often underestimate the impact of a smile. So get ready to meet the magical Tooth Fairy who educates us all about the importance of baby teeth, what we eat and that our smile can make a big difference on those who need it. Being kind and trying hard things are part of the “Tooth Fairy’s” special message to:

#BELIEVE#BeBrave#BeKind#SMILE #Sparkle&Shine!