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B is for Boss Lady by Courtney Davis, Leslie Hernandez

With playful rhymes, and quirky illustrations that reflect today’s diverse world, the illustrated children’s book, B is For Boss Lady explores career possibilities for girls from A-Z and spreads girl power vibes to all!

It’s playful, fun, and seriously inspiring!

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SAKURA: Cherry Blossoms by Stacey Culpepper

SAKURA is the Japanese word for cherry blossoms. These trees are known for their exquisite beauty and restoration. Their flowers only bloom a few weeks, but they flourish without fail every year. Maiko is a girl born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is looking forward to attending middle school with her brother Masaki, and best friend Kailani. Her parents have decided to move the family to Las Vegas, Nevada to improve the quality of their family life. She feels torn away from the only friends and family she’s ever known. Can Maiko find happiness in a new environment where she is a complete stranger? How does she deal with the unexpected tragedy of a loved one? Discover how Maiko sprouts from the rooted bonds dug by both her (grandmothers) obaachan from Okinawa, and abuela from Mexico. Take this journey with Maiko and experience how she discovers who she is, and learns to embrace that young woman. I developed this story to help young readers recognize the power of a positive mindset, during the most challenging times in life.

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She Is by Charde Vera

Co-illustrated by nine-year old, Nayomi Montes, this wonderful children’s book inspires kids of all ages to embrace their self-worth through the power of affirmations. Drawing on a collection of imaginative poems, this unforgettable book will take you on a journey to self-love, encouraging kids and parents alike to believe, trust, value and unconditionally love themselves.