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Reunited After the Storm by Ronaldinio Stickley

Life changes quickly like the swift waves of an ocean and he was only a boy when his life changed forever. He didn’t realize finding a family meant being seperated. Read this story of adventure, triumph, family, and friendship.

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The Other Side of Sorry by Constance Jones

“So many toys, but what caught his eye,

Was a black-and-white police car two shelves too high.”

The Other Side of Sorry is your new favorite rhyming picture book.

It’s filled with bright and colorful illustrations that guide you through a touching true story.

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Frankie Four Eyes and Zindi Zima by Rikkianisha Hunt

When Frankie visits the Zoo of Kazoo, he’s afraid to wear his glasses because the other children might make fun of him—but without them, he can’t see any of the animals. After the zoo’s beloved zebra family has a surprise new arrival, Frankie soon discovers that being different isn’t such a bad thing, after all…

Frankie Four Eyes and Zindi Zima -is a fun and memorable children’s story that communicates a valuable moral lesson about the power of individuality.

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Ollie’s Day Gets Rocky by Melanie Post

Ollie the Octopus and his rock band Ocean Rocks are on a quest to win the talent show…. until everyone in the band except for Ollie gets sick and cannot perform! Will Ollie be able to save the day?

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A Better Tomorrow Starts Today by Ms Amanda Marie Cottrell

How do we make the world a better place? We can change the world by making changes to how we think and act. This book will help you empower kids to understand that they can impact the world with simple acts.

Every teacher and parent should have this book. Together we can build the future leaders of the world. We cannot change the past but don’t worry you will have a blast by starting today and choosing kind instead of cruel and you can start right in your school.

Challenge kids to think of tiny steps they can take to give others a break. I bet if we all started to lend a helping hand we could achieve something quite grand.

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The Fast Little Fox by Jill Horton

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure through the forest? Follow the fast little fox as he discovers more than he can imagine along the way! What will he learn? Can he make it home in time for supper? Read on to find out!

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The Amazingly Awesome Amani Takes on Jitters & Fear by Jamiyl Samuels, Tracy-Ann Samuels

It’s the first day at a new school for Amani and he is a bundle of nerves. Not only is he meeting a new principal, new teacher, and new friends, he must deal with JITTERS and FEAR following him around everywhere he goes. Will Amani summon up the strength to conquer these ghastly emotions, or will they overcome him? The T.A.S.K. Heroes series presents the story of a boy who is faced with the challenge of adapting to a new environment and finding the courage to deal with his feelings head-on. This is a tale about CHANGE and how it affects the mind of an amazing boy.

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Doctoroo! & the Case of the Hacking Hippo by Dr. Rachel B. Wellner M.D.

Dr. Marsha Roo and her crew are living in Australia teaching healthy habits to the other animals in their town. But she turns into Doctoroo! to help solve mysteries all over the world! In this book, Dr. Marsha and her friends help Hilda the Hippo, a famous Opera singer, find out why she is so sick. Will they solve the mystery and help Hilda get better before the Queen of England arrives to watch Hilda perform? Find out in this book along with germ fighting tips!

Find the other books and information about the series on our website here: www.doctoroo.health

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Andy’s Journey to The Moon by Sue Ang

Eight-year-old Andy loves everything about soccer and all the fun his friends Niko and Sammy have when they play.
Being in a wheelchair to get around, Andy is afraid no one—not even his friends—will play with him, and that makes him sad and feels left out.
One day, something magical happens after Andy makes a wish upon a shooting star. An elf named Mr. Puff Puff, and his magical friends arrives from the moon with more surprises. Soon, Andy and his new friends start their adventure together.

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Finding Grace by Keith E. Harrell Sr.

Finding Grace is a cute story that reminds us of the importance of accepting each other, celebrating our differences, and encouraging them to discover their true selves.

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