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The Good Fortune by Shawana Davenport

Frannie and Willie love adventures and visiting their aunt who helps them to see how grand experiencing life as a family can be. They will soon discover some unusual places and rewards inviting you into a world of endless possibilities.

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Cookies for Emotions by Daniela Avila Cantu

Picture and rhyme book for kids about understanding and recognizing emotions

Teddy the hedgehog discovers magical cookies than makes him feel different emotions. He goes in an adventure where he is faced with situations that makes him feel surprise, embarrassment, fear, sadness, happiness, anger, and love. He understands that emotions are necessary and are what makes us feel real.

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Bertie the Bouncy Beachball by Mandy Woolf

Bertie lives on a wonky old shelf squashed between toys.

He longs to bounce in the sunshine, but no one wants to play with him.

Until Rosie sees his beauty, inside and out, and gives him the chance that he’s been waiting for.

A beautifully illustrated children’s book to show how we all have our worth, whatever we may look like.

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When you are wandering the woolly woods foraging for food in the middle of a mighty forest, oftentimes you must outwit the oddities placed in your path.

Greta must out-maneuver maroon monkeys, lime-green llamas, a grand gulch of glitter, and a group of gorillas to find her way home.

What can she do to manage this mess and contain this challenge? How will she do it? Who will help her and why?

Beautiful story of how children use the skills that they gained dealing with the brilliance of older siblings and the cuteness of younger ones to overcome obstacles.

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Queen of Dominoes by Justine A P Louis, Edwina K Archer

Melody is one of the youngest players in the annual Domino Tournament in the Caribbean. She has been well trained by her grandfather, who is an expert in dominoes. To win the tournament, she will have to compete against players who are much older than her. Can she use her grandfather’s wisdom to defeat the two-time champion and become the “Queen of Dominoes?”

In this book, readers will learn about dominoes, a beloved game in the Caribbean, while following the exciting story of the ambitious little Melody.

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Be Wild by Christina Gitta-Low

It is tough to be told what to do and how to be. Sometimes kids need to move. Sometimes kids need to be kids. Teresa is a kid that has to be wild, so she runs, climbs, swings and bounces everywhere. She can hear but isn’t always the best listener. Be Wild is based on true childhood stories about the author.

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Why Is This My Name? by Aloysia Burgess

A young girl goes through her first day at a new school and struggles with her unique name as she introduces herself to new teachers and friends. With the encouragement from her family, she will soon discover how special her name really is.
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Reunited After the Storm by Ronaldinio Stickley

Life changes quickly like the swift waves of an ocean and he was only a boy when his life changed forever. He didn’t realize finding a family meant being seperated. Read this story of adventure, triumph, family, and friendship.

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The Other Side of Sorry by Constance Jones

“So many toys, but what caught his eye,

Was a black-and-white police car two shelves too high.”

The Other Side of Sorry is your new favorite rhyming picture book.

It’s filled with bright and colorful illustrations that guide you through a touching true story.

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Frankie Four Eyes and Zindi Zima by Rikkianisha Hunt

When Frankie visits the Zoo of Kazoo, he’s afraid to wear his glasses because the other children might make fun of him—but without them, he can’t see any of the animals. After the zoo’s beloved zebra family has a surprise new arrival, Frankie soon discovers that being different isn’t such a bad thing, after all…

Frankie Four Eyes and Zindi Zima -is a fun and memorable children’s story that communicates a valuable moral lesson about the power of individuality.

GRANDMA!DeMario Brown

We all know that grandparents love their grandchildren. But in most cases, the fun turns into a learning experience. With Kingsley, it's all the time. Grandma always finds a way to get on his last little nerve. Will he get to have fun like a kid should? Or will his grandma find a way to bother him yet again. Read along and find out!!