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Love Your Hair by Phoenyx Austin

To every beautiful brown skin girl – may you always love your KINKS and CURLS! – Dr. Phoenyx

Love your hair is a cute and beautiful book for girls. It teaches that our natural hair is perfect and your hair is your crown so love your hair .
The Story is about a super-cute, confident and sometimes sassy little girl named Phoenyx who loves her hair and wants every beautiful brown skin girl to love their hair too and enjoy the every bit of beauty of her hair. Join her journey in this cute and sweet book which takes you on a roller coaster ride to a glam fashion show and it shows that how she celebrates her hair locks and puffs.
Illustrations are very beautiful and vibrant which makes this book more beautiful and eye-catching.

I just love the way the author tries to give a beautiful message of self love and self acceptance . We should love and appreciate each other because everyone is unique .
Love Your Hair is all about positivity, positive imagery and is a delightful story of hair-love and self-love . I’M sure after reading this book little brown girls and grown women alike will fall in love with her hair . I recommend this book to all children so that they can understand the beauty of different cultures and styles .

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Dippy’s Great Adventure by Melanie Cane

This book is very cute and sweet to read with a wonderful message for kids and as well as for adults.Dippy’s Great Adventure, this is the first book in the series, In this book Dippy is an over-active Pit Bull puppy, and ends up in an animal shelter because she has too much energy.Dippy uses her energy to dig a hole under the fence through which all the dogs escape and they run to an amusement park called Playland where they go on a lot of rides. Because Dippy has so much energy, she has a hard time staying seated and is a little naughty on each ride, in a cute and endearing way.
Join Dippy and her friends adventure in an amusement park and in the end all her friends are adopted by a Dog shelter. Illustrations are also very colorful and vibrant which helps kids to understand the story .I just love the message that the author wanted to convey through this book . This book is one such read which truly shows how animals are longing for love and care like us .
This book is written from a dog’s perspective so it is very good to read about their adventures and fantasies. I’m sure kids are going to love this book and learn this lesson that every dog deserves a home and our love and care too so we should support animal shelters and dog care centers.
And a percentage of sales from “Dippy’s Great Adventure” will go towards the care of shelter animals so grab your copy from Amazon .
perfect for 2+

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Draw Me Close To You By Kossim Osseni

Draw Me Close To You is an emotional and heartfelt story with lifelong lessons for parents and children.

This story is about a boy named Tunde who lived with his father after his mother’s demise . He loves to draw and paint but his father wanted to excel in math and science. His father wanted him to become a Doctor or engineer so one day he scolded him and threw away all his crayons and drawings and it made Tunde very upset. So what happens after that makes me very emotional. Illustrations are so amazing and wonderful which makes this book more beautiful.

We live in a world where parents are told to control and modify their children’s behavior.They are not our property. They belong to themselves, they are human beings like us and we can not control them to be someone that makes us happy and makes us feel better. We are supposed to be the one who helps our kids to be happy. We have to give freedom to our children to choose their career: If we force them to choose a career against their interest, they may never be able to excel in life .
This book is a lifelong lesson for us parents and I must recommend this book to every parent out there. You should read this book with your children and tell them that you are always there with them in any condition or they can talk to you freely because at last what’s most important : to be happy and loved.

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Demi Nicole Little Miss Imperfect By Demetria Ballard

Demi Nicole Little Miss Imperfect By Demetria Ballard
Wow, such a beautiful book with a strong message “You are beautiful just the way you are !!
This book is talking about self confidence , self love and most importantly about insecurities which we all have because we always compare ourselves with others.
The story is about Demi NIcole and her childhood friend which she calls her by the name of insecurity because she doesn’t love her hair, teeth and Insecurity has a sister named confidence. She has a vitiligo condition but she loves her skin .

Demi has many more friends in school and they all said that Insecurity always teases them about their size , accent and lot more so Demi tries to tell them that nobody is perfect and we should focus on our good qualities , not on our bad , it makes us more insecure and makes us weak.

Illustrations are so beautiful and colorful and I just loved the girls’ pyjama party in the end and they had a lot of fun together .
This book is full of positivity and learning for children and as well as for adults . I just love the way author named characters like Confidence and Insecurity which helps children to understand which is better to have.
perfect for 3+

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Chicken Fat by Scott Drayer

Twist left,front,
Now the right side,
Ten Times!!
And everybody sing !
Go,you chicken fat go!!

wow what a fun way to keeping kids fit and healthy and i really want to admire authors who always take out some new subjects for children
This book is Based on the famous ” Chicken Fat” song from the 1960’s, commissioned by JFK national fitness program for children. A fun sing-a-long exercise book for kids and rhythmic and rhyming songs make exercise fun and an entertaining activity for kids .
This book is all about simple and fun exercises and getting active and healthy. All illustrations in this book are based on chicken fat and are very vibrant and beautiful so this book is a very cute way to learn some simple and basic exercises like march ,sit-ups, twist, jumping jack etc for children. Kids need to exercise everyday if they want to be healthy, strong and get rid of unwanted weight so i recommend this book to every children out there and this book should be added in school libraries to promote basic and simple fitness schedules.

perfect for 2+ kids

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