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AI… Meets… AI by Amber Ivey

AI… Meets… AI: An Exciting Tale of Connection and Adventure (AiDigiTales) by Amber Ivey

AI… Meets… AI is a new age tale of Human–robot friendship which focuses on artificial intelligence, technology, human emotions, behaviours and values like kindness and empathy.

This story follows a curious and kind girl, Addy Iris aka AI who meets an AI robot named Jaz who gets lost in the city due to a GPS problem in its system. Addy quickly decides to help her new AI friend reach back to the lab and understand the world outside the lab.  

Follow Addy and Jaz on their adventurous and exciting journey of becoming friends, and on their way back to the lab, they learn a lot from each other about their world.

In the world of Alexa, Google and Siri, this book is perfect to introduce the concept of AI to kids and shows the impact of artificial intelligence in our life and the effect of human emotions on robots. It helps kids see that they can be not just users of technology, but creators and developers too.

Perfect for 5+

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