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Mighty Mila Will Roar by Miss Ash Menon

Voices, roars and laughter fill the pages of Mighty Mila Will Roar – Follow this young lion cub’s journey to find her voice and discover the power within her. Mighty Mila Will Roar can help children recognise their power and the power of speaking up, having different opinions, standing up for themselves and for others

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Daddy, Can You Bring Me the Moon? by Justin Vaughn

Daddy, Can You Bring Me the Moon? by Justin Vaughn, a 30-page children’s picture book, is a short story of a father and a daughter who share a slice of nighttime together on a beach. The story shifts focus when the daughter asks her father if he could bring her the moon. She is in awe of it and wishes it could be a lot closer.

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My Dad’s Jokes are Very (Terribly, Awfully, Painfully) Bad! by Jacob Eckeberger

This book is dedicated to the kids who put up with all the very, terribly, awfully, painfully, bad jokes from their dads!

At the beginning of the book, you’re met by a new friend whose Dad is the king of bad jokes. But it doesn’t take long for their Dad to start telling his jokes, and soon you’re faced with a challenge: can you make it to the end of the book without cracking a smile?

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Ellie Meets the New Baby by Paula M Karll

It is important for parents to communicate with their older children to help them adapt and adjust to a new sibling. Caring for and nurturing the older sibling is just as important as caring for the new baby.

In Ellie Meets the New Baby, Ellie struggles with embracing her new sister. As Mom and Dad encourage Ellie and communicate the baby’s needs to her, she starts to learn and enjoy being a big sister.

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David’s Magic Ears by Barbara Marie Hinyard

David is hearing impaired. He explores the world of hearing for the first time. He gets hearing aids for the first time. He learned the importance of being unique and accepting others . He’s like everyone else, but he has magic ears to hear better.

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Abby dreams of food by Beatriz Fabrega

Abby is a little girl who loves food so much, she dreams about it day and night. Her mom is a chef and Abby´s favorite thing to do is to help in the kitchen. She tries and fails many times, but soon Abby learns that practice makes perfect.. and that making yummy food is possible – and fun! Its not only a storybook, its also your little one´s first cookbook! Includes Abby´s favorite easy-to-follow and beautifully illustrated recipes.

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Green Beans & Tangerines by TIFFINY MARIANO

Everyone knows that picky eaters can be perplexing. Nikki’s 8th birthday is fast approaching, and she has a big decision to make. Will she take the plunge to try something new or will her birthday just be the usual?

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Raw Ned By Andy Kahan

Meet Ned: the dirtiest, smelliest, bravest, friendliest boy in the park!

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My Mammy Knows Everything By Emma Ledden

To small children their mammy’s are their world, they are the fixers, the co-pilots, the movers and shakers in their every day. They can find lost stuff, cook, comfort, cure, play and even send their kids to sleep – sometimes! This book is a celebration of all mammy’s out there and their super- powers.

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Audrey & Lucy’s Backyard Adventure By Jaklen Alkyan

Audrey and her beautiful lovebird, Lucy, love their backyard adventures. There’s so much to see, do and discover. What they discover is very hungry bunnies, birds and ladybugs looking for food.