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KidlioMag August Edition 2023

Dear Readers,
How much screen time is too much screen time?
Screen time isn’t always unhealthy, but we need to monitor what content children engage with and what is best for their learning and overall mental and physical development. There are also ways that parents can moderate and manage their child’s screen time to help ensure that kids have a healthy relationship with their screens according to their age.
It is always challenging for me to create content that is fun and educational at the same time. This feeling multiplies when we have the pressure to put together the best quality content that our readers are proud of!
This month, we have Independence Day of India on the 15th of August, so we included facts about Chandrayaan 3, a story of patriotism and activities that promote love, peace, diversity, and inclusion.
Please share your feedback at kidliomag@gmail.com.
Happy Independence Day!
Happy Reading!

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Colleen Giordano

Hello! I am Mrs. Colleen Giordano. I am a Math Resource Teacher. This is my thirty – first year teaching in Fort Lee. I started teaching in 1992, as Miss Patti, Kindergarten Teacher at School#4. I then taught Basic Skills Math and Resource Math at Schools #3 & #4 from 2001 to 2020. In 2021, I began teaching Resource Math at School #1.

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Kelly Lang

I have a diploma in the field of early childhood education. I have several years of experience running early-on centers and working in daycare with small children.

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KidlioMag July Edition 2023

July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American independence, with festivities ranging from fireworks, parades, and concerts to more casual family gatherings. The skies light up with fireworks, and the streets are painted red, white, and blue. It’s pretty clear that Independence Day is one of America’s favorite holidays. But no matter where you live, there are tons of Independence Day activities to look forward to, and they don’t stop at the 4th of July. There are other interesting days in July like International Tiger Day, Chocolate Day, etc. So get ready to celebrate the events all through the month with the Kidliomag July edition.

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Carter Patterson

My name is Carter Patterson. I’m a fourth grader and an A Honor Roll student. I love to play Roblox. My favorite food is pizza. I love to spend time with my family. My favorite NFL team is the Kansas City Chiefs. My Favorite College football team is the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. I want to be a Mechanical Engineer and attend the University of Alabama at Huntsville. Math is my favorite subject.

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Ashley H. Johnson

I’m from Philadelphia, PA, born and raised. I take immense pride in my roots, and being from Philly has shaped me in many ways. It’s a city rich in history, diversity, and a vibrant arts and culture scene that has greatly influenced my creativity.

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Candace Okin

I’m a Houston based author and writer! I love to support kids through interactive and engaging stories! I’ve written and published three books for children, and I’m also the founder and Executive Director of a nonprofit organization called Mason Makes Money Fund. We support kid entrepreneurs with education and financial resources.

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KidlioMag 3rd Anniversary Magazine

Our 3rd Anniversary and Biggest-Ever Issue is a Heartfelt Tribute to the Readers!
On a personal level, putting together this anniversary edition was exciting, but also challenging for me as I always felt like I grew up with this magazine and with you all, reading your books, interviews, and articles. It is always challenging for me to create content, that our readers are proud of!

I always feel the responsibility of creating content that anyone can read irrespective of their age. This feeling multiplied times when we have the pressure to put together our 3rd-anniversary magazine. Assembling these pages was also an exercise of self-discovery and reevaluation.
I would like to thank all our authors and our contributors for always promoting the magazine. Lastly, and most importantly, thank you to our readers, who have been with us for the last three years.

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Sarah Schild

While pregnant with my first child, I wrote my first children’s book because I wanted to publish an inspiring S.T.E.M. careers book for girls that encourages them to explore these types of careers and follow their dreams. I enjoy reading my book to my four-month-old daughter, Shaina, and hope she loves it when she is older. Knowledge is power, so developing that passion of being a lifelong learner starts when a child is exposed to books at an early age as it opens their eyes to all of life’s possibilities while their interests are being shaped.

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Joe Woodley

My life has been an extraordinary adventure. I am blessed to have a wonderful family and friends who have loved and supported me through the various stages of my life. My faith and my family have been my foundation, and I am grateful for them. I have been a published author and public speaker for over fifteen years, writing books for adults and children. Through several of my organizations, I have worked with schools, community groups, churches, corporations and other organizations promoting character education, literacy, leadership development and education. People are my passion and helping them fulfill their god-given purpose is my mission.