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Meet Our Fabulous Author Nicole Minard

My name is Nicole Minard, and I’m not only a mother but also a Behavior Analyst who deeply values the transformative journey of parenting. I find immense joy in the little moments that make up this adventure. My passion lies in empowering parents, guiding them to replace stress with joy by fostering confidence in their parenting skills. Apart from writing, I prioritize spending quality time with my family. I’m also the founder of an Applied Behavior Analysis agency and a co-founder of a Babysitting organization, which further enriches my understanding of child development and family dynamics.

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Alexa Caroline Modugno

I’m a classically trained violist and violinist who studied music performance at NYU. I am also an art connoisseur and have worked as both art curator, dealer and consultant for a variety of galleries in NYC. I enjoy speaking French, going to the opera, reading Russian novels and going to art shows. I worked as an editor of a variety of art magazines. I also started doing stand up comedy and got some acting roles coming up. So yes, there’s a parallel between me and the character Molly in the book. I too had big dreams of being a “star”.

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KidlioMag April Edition 2024

Spring is in the air, and April is here to fill our days with sunshine and smiles! As we bid farewell to the chilly winds of winter, we welcome the warm embrace of spring. This is the season when nature paints the world with vibrant colors, and life blossoms all around us.

In this issue, we’re diving into the wonders of spring and all the exciting things that April brings. From the cheerful chirping of birds to the blooming of flowers, there’s so much to discover and enjoy. We’ll learn about Earth Day and how we can help take care of our beautiful planet.

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Sety H

I am a certified positive parenting coach and passionate advocate for creating a better world through parenting, embedding my experiences into the magical tales I write. A linguist and quality expert, my personal tale took a transformative turn when I became a mother. My journey with positive parenting led me to sharing valuable lessons through engaging stories.

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Joseph P. Camel Jr.

I am a new kids book Author, now on the sequel of the first Book. Which is Little Joe in The Big City. This book is Called The L.A. Adventure. Now taking kids on a journey through Hollywood and over L.A.

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KidlioMag March Edition 2024

March is a month of celebration and reflection, as we honor the diversity and achievements of women and the joy and vibrancy of different cultures. In this issue, we bring you stories and insights from various perspectives and backgrounds, to inspire you and enrich your understanding of the world.

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10 Tips From The Tooth Fairy by The Tooth Fairy( Edie Higby)

The Tooth Fairy is a longtime family favorite tradition and is a magical part of childhood. When that 1st tooth comes loose, this is the book to have in hand!

10 Tips From The Tooth Fairy is a creative way to teach kids about how to take care of their smiles, encourage good oral hygiene habits, and encourage them to believe in someone magical!

We often underestimate the impact of a smile. So get ready to meet the magical Tooth Fairy who educates us all about the importance of baby teeth, what we eat and that our smile can make a big difference on those who need it. Being kind and trying hard things are part of the “Tooth Fairy’s” special message to:

#BELIEVE#BeBrave#BeKind#SMILE #Sparkle&Shine!

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Krista Coyne

I’m Krista Coyne. I’m a multi-passionate, busy mom of 4. I spent many years as a primary school teacher in California until I recently relocated with my family to the west of Ireland. I love being creative in whichever way I can, whether I’m crafting, writing, blogging, hobbies, or creating online. When I’m not in my creative mode, you can usually find me spending time with my family or researching my next travel destination.

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Susan H Hines

Hello, I am Susan H Hines, the creative force behind the beloved Buckley children’s book series, inspired by the escapades of my cherished Standard Schnauzer, affectionately called “Buckley”. Proudly owning TJP Publications LLC, my mission is to engage children in developing early literacy skills through imaginative storytelling. As the CEO and founder of TJP Publications LLC, I use this platform to highlight my own children’s books, activity materials, and character merchandise. By introducing a self-publishing platform, a noticeable increase in accessibility and interest among young readers has occurred. I engage with students from kindergarten to third grade through school visits, library events, and career day activities, sparking their interest in reading and writing. The positive response to the Buckley series has motivated young students to create their own stories.

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Alicia J. Benjamin

I’m a wife, a mom of two young boys, and a Cuddler-in-Chief of a Boston Terrier named Braxton. We live in the Atlanta area where I work as a national news producer. I’ve published four amazing children’s books, and when I’m not working or writing, I love traveling with my family and making memories along the way.