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Meet Our Fabulous Author Randy Katz

I reside in South Florida, USA, and I am the proud rescue dog dad of Scruffy. My background is in law, so writing a children’s book was a great challenge for me.

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Meet our Fabulous Author Amy Kwong

I live in Seattle, Washington and am a mom of one. My background is in education and I have worked mostly with English language learners in schools and tutoring centers.

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Amira’s Princess Dress By Erica Asare

This captivating story follows Ms. Thompson, as she tells her students to prepare for a fancy-dress day tomorrow at school. The children are so excited although some are unsure of what to wear. Little Amira rushes to school the following morning and forgets her princess dress, leaving it at home. Even though her kind teacher and friends want to help her by making her a crown and wand from shiny gold paper, it is not the same as wearing her princess dress. Is there any chance of her dress getting to the school in time? Will Amira be a princess? Read this enchanting story to discover what happens.

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Shari LaRosa

I am a licensed clinical therapist in private practice working with both adolescents and adults with a focus on treating anxiety.

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Meet our Fabulous Author Beppie

Q:  First tell us something about yourself?

I’m a JUNO nominated children’s musician from Edmonton, Alberta. I’m a mom of three and I’ve been teaching music for over 21 years. 

Q: How and when did your journey start as a writer?

I released my very first book ‘Dino-mite!’ In September of 2021. The book is based off of a song that was released on my 4th full length album which is also called ‘Dino-mite!’. 

Q: When did you write your first story? Is it published or not?

I have written stories before that also have music to go along with them. My first one was called ‘Cooking with Dad’ and that one was written along with my first album back in 2015. I used pictures of my son Elliot in the story and I used it in my preschool music classes and with my kids at home. Dino-mite! was my first ever published book. 

Q: Tell us something more about your books?

Every story I write has music to go along with it. I just love using stories that you can sing. I feel like when I sing a story to children, I can engage with them on a deeper level and really grab their full attention. I will often make up melodies to books that didn’t originally have melodies. 

Q: Why do you choose kids as your reader ? is there any specific reason?

Writing a children’s book just came naturally. It was like my music evolved into it and it just sort of happened. I absolutely love that the characters I created for a song are now alive on the pages of a book. It’s like my art can now be experienced in multiple ways. Because my music is geared towards children and families, it just made sense that my book would do the same. The book itself was intended to take my music and make it more accessible to my audiences. 

Q: How did these stories and characters come to your mind?

The two main characters of my book are dinosaurs named Larry and Joe. They came to life a few years ago when I released a song called ‘Larry & Joe’. Dino-mite! Is the sequel to that song and it follows the two friends on a hilarious journey through dance and music. 

Q: Do you want to leave any message for your readers?

Being afraid shouldn’t be the thing that stops you from following your dreams. I was so scared to release my book but I did it anyways. Now my book has won an award and I’ve been able to share it with people all over the world! Look fear straight in the face and ROAR!

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Amir T. Khan

I am the son of immigrant parents, a Pakistani father and Mexican mother, Spanish was my first spoken language.

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Françoise Maurer

Hello! I’m a 15 year old girl from Bedfordshire, UK and I love writing, reading and music.

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Kidliomag October Edition 2021

October is my favorite month of the year, with perfect weather and full of festivities around the world. In this Halloween special issue, we’ve put together some amazing books for you to creep through this spooky season. To satisfy all your Halloween cravings, you can have some fun with numbers, scavenger hunts, and so much more to explore in this edition.

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Tai East

My name is Tai East and I’m from Alabama. I’m a Christian blogger (https://aspiritkissedsoul.com/), Jewelry Maker (Instagram: @asks_by_tai), and Children’s Book Author.

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Kathleen Davis

I am a wife and mother to two little stinkers. I am also a retired teacher of 10 years.